EKPhotography | About

Who is EKPhotography?

My name is Emily Knobbe! I am from the magical city of St. Louis, Missouri. I came to Kansas six years ago with the intentions of becoming a Veterinarian but decided that marketing and photography were my passion! I started my business in 2014, and I have continued to expand from there! Originally, my love for photography began with a handheld camcorder in middle school. I took pictures and video of friends and family and eventually realized that I could make a career out of it! Besides photography, you can find me "living" in local coffee shops reading a book or listening to music- "death before decaf" rings true for me! 


You started your business in college?

Yep! I started my business while in college because it gave me a chance to have an outlet for a lot of the creativity that I felt wasn't always being utilized in my business classes.


What is your favorite thing to shoot?

Honestly - my passion is in wedding photography, but I also really enjoy fashion photography. It is something that is outside of my comfort zone but I appreciate and am inspired by the fashion and fine art cross over!